Zoning Systems in Silver Spring, Hyattsville MD & Surrounding Areas

Keeping your home cool during summer can take up a sizeable chunk of your electricity expenses. Leaving the air conditioning on to cool one room can be time-consuming, as well as expensive. Not only does trying to cool an unoccupied room lead to higher expenses, it can also damage your air conditioner because it can take time to cool the room.

Zoning is the solution to all your problems if you only wish to keep certain rooms in your home cool. If you've purchased an air conditioner with zoning features, it can prove to be beneficial in the long run. It can help reduce utility costs, save energy, and prevent wear and tear of mechanical components.

The best part about investing in a zoning system is that you can keep a number of rooms cool throughout the day. A zone can be one room or an entire area, depending on your preference.

Zoning allows you to save costs while controlling the temperature of an area or room to your liking.

While air conditioners are simple to install and use, it's important to consider a few things before you purchase one. Zoning features are a must if you live in a humid place. Secondly, investing in a superior model will help cool the air more efficiently and effectively.

When the weather is cool and there are no signs of humidity, you can switch to fan mode and create a fresh atmosphere to enjoy your day.

With zoning, you can control the temperature by programming the sensors in the ductwork. This will help send signals to dampers, which will allow them to open or close, depending on the settings you have chosen.

If your home cannot accommodate a ductwork system, you can for the option of a ductless one. There are a few advantages to this:

  • Installation is simple and easy
  • You can place the outside unit up to fifty feet away from the evaporator
  • You only need a three-inch hole for the conduit
  • Short installation time

Hire a Professional Whom You Can Trust

"Show value, create an experience, and always strive to exceed customer expectations." - ShepHyken.

This quote is our motto and we make sure to follow it no matter what.

If there's one thing that sets us apart from other companies, it's the fact that we're committed to you. We don't just provide our customers with reliable and affordable services, we make sure every air conditioning unit we repair or replace unit to see whether it meets our standard or not.

We make a promise and guarantee that we will send our most reliable and knowledgeable technician to your doorstep. Remember, we're here to solve your problems, not add to them!

A few features of our air conditioning units include:

  • Night/sleep modes to minimize noise
  • Timer options of energy efficiency
  • Precision remote-controlled settings

Our technical consultants will conduct a thorough inspection of your preferences and your home lifestyle. They are trained to provide you with comprehensive solutions that deal with minor and complex problems-including set-up and maintenance of zoning systems.

We offer free estimates on our equipment. In addition, all our equipment comes with manufacture warranty and our labor warranty on units installed by us

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The Right Freon For Your Specific Needs

The Right Freon For Your Specific Needs

If you have a freon leak, we don't want you to melt in the sweltering summer. Our team of certified, trained, skilled technicians will come over to your home or workplace and perform an inspection of your air conditioner. The purpose of inspection is to determine the cause of the leak. Thereafter, we will work with you to figure out the type of freon you require.

We will take into account your air conditioner's age, performance and condition, as well as your personal cooling preferences, your lifestyle and your budget to recommend the right product. Freon installation is a technical, complicated process. Its installation also entails adhering to stringent safety laws. Our technicians have more than 20 years of experience in installing freon in all kinds of air conditioners and heat pump. We perform installation, repair and maintenance services, 24/7. Our technicians use top-of-the-line equipment to address all your freon needs in a timely manner.

Got an emergency leak? Stop worrying and call our technicians at (301) 593-3600. All our equipment comes with manufacture warranty and our labor warranty on units installed by us. Based in Silver Spring, we offer our products and services throughout DC Metro area including Montgomery County and Prince George's County, MD. We offer free estimates on our equipment.


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